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Property Management Services and Benefits:

(*please note not all services and benefits listed are included in the basic monthly package)

-Walk-thru with owner to inspect home's current condition and any issues.

-Scheduled inspections for security and maintenance of interior and exterior.

-Record and report to owner any issues.

-Severe weather visits.

-Prepare home before/after owner and guests arrive/leave.

-Email/Text owner weekly updates.

-Condo project management.

Vacation Rental by Owner

Do you want to rent your place without paying a fortune to a rental company? Have you used sites such as Airbnb; VRBO & Home Away?? We will facilitate maintenance issues, meeting with vendors, late-night phone calls, we handle it all. Before a guest arrives we will make sure the maids have cleaned, appliances are working, heat is up (when it's cold out), front porch light on, etc.

After a guest leaves, we will check for damages, turn heat down, make sure everything is in working order, windows/doors locked, etc.

Basic rates: 

VRBO/ Air B&B $50 per rental. Other fees may occur for extras.


Weekly Home inspections $180 per month.

-Any property over 4,000 sq. ft will be charged based on visual inspection.

-Condo projects based on HOA needs and services. Onsite Management. 

*Repairs and maintenance of interior and exterior:

Just like anything over time repairs needs to be made. We have a wide variety of resources to complete any job needed. Rates vary depending on the specialization of the job.

*Supervise contractual services:

Anytime a contractor is needed inside your home we will be available to supervise the work being done and make sure your home is locked and protected ($40 flat rate and $40 per each hr after).

*Oversee renovation/remodeling projects:

We have a vast number of local licensed contractors that we recommend. If/when you're not available/able to make phone calls and/or meet with the contractor we are ($40 flat rate and $40 per each hr after).

*Winterize while owner is away:

Depending on each owners preference, usually, if nobody is in the property for months on end,​ winterization is a way to keep your pipes from freezing by draining your water lines (rate varies).

*Pest Control:

Mammoth is located in the mountains and we do have wildlife. Depending on each situation we can take care of the issue or call a professional to take care of the issue. (rate varies)

*Arrange deliveries:

When you are not available we are. To meet with contractors, wood deliveries, UPS, etc. ($40 flat rate and $40per each hr after).

*Snow Removal:

Mammoth is known for its heavy winter storms. The last thing an owner who has been traveling for hours on end wants to deal with is shoveling 5 feet of snow to get to the front door. Let us be there for you. Rate depends on each owners needs. Hourly shoveling is $40, Snowblower $65.


We do everything from weekly mows to planting and irrigation. Depending on what each owner wants/needs will determine the rate. We also do year-end sprinkler blowouts; rates vary depending on your sprinkler system.


We can give recommendations and we can arrange for cleanings (rate varies)

*Spa Maintenance:

Rate depends on each owners needs. We offer a $40 per month basic rate to check your spa once a week, balance chemicals, turn on jets, wipe off any mildew on cover.

*24 Hour Emergency Service:

We are here for you if locked out or any predicament that might occur.

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